Episode 12: Scholly App Creator Christopher Gray Dares You to Be BOLD No Matter Your Challenges

With students owing more than $1.3 trillion school debt, Christopher Gray, who you may recognize from “Shark Tank” or Oprah’s SuperSoul 100, is helping college dreamers see the green light.

When you hear about Christopher’s remarkable journey to become the first in his family to attend college and how he created Scholly, an app that’s helped students get more than $100 million in scholarship money, you will believe with hard work and a dream, anything is possible.

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Episode 11: Female Trailblazer and Spiritual Coach Sandi Stuart Dares You to Stretch Beyond Your Limits

Sandi Stuart was one of the first female executives in the men’s clothing industry, working at Bugle Boy and Cherokee. She is co-founder of Agency Licensing, teaches at The Institute of Integrative Body Psychotherapy and a life coach.

Sandi delves into recognizing and addressing the “theme,” or broken record, that plays over and over when we abandon our true selves. There’s no doubt this episode was like a therapy session. Here’s to digging deeper into the True YOU.

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Episode 10: CrossFit Pioneer, Author and Entrepreneur Kelly Starrett Dares You to Be Vulnerable

Dr. Kelly Starrett is a coach, physical therapist, author, speaker and co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit, MobilityWOD and the nonprofit StandUpKids. Kelly has trained every single branch of the military, pro ballers in the NBA, NFL, NHL, Olympic gold medalists, ballet dancers and the list goes on and on. His clients include Laird Hamilton, Tim Ferris and Barbara Walters.

He opens up about his sordid childhood, his anxieties, where he got his nickname “Supple Leopard” and, oh yes, his love life. I hope you enjoy this rare inside look of Kelly’s life inside and outside the CrossFit box.

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Episode 9: Entrepreneur and CrossFit Legend Juliet Starrett Dares You to Take Risks

Juliet Starrett’s truth is she wants to give and receive love and joy to the max in this experience we call life. As co-founder of San Francisco CrossFit, MobilityWOD and StandUpKids, boy, is she walking the talk.

Juliet opens up candidly about her battle with cancer, anxiety around leaving her lucrative job as a lawyer to pursue her dreams, and balancing several businesses, her love life and family.

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Episode 8: Psychologist and Author Dr. Gladys Ato Dares You to Say the Good Goodbye

The word “goodbye” is a loaded word, full of emotions and feelings that connote a negative energy. What if we flipped the script and changed the story around our goodbyes? What if goodbyes were a good thing? Would that help us heal and ultimately lead to our fuller potential?

Dr. Gladys Ato, author of “The Good Goodbye: How to Navigate Change and Loss in Life, Love and Work,” believes being TRUTHFUL about your goodbyes and facing and embracing the fear — YES, letting the fear IN and working through it — leads to empowerment, closure and ultimately JOY.

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Episode 7: First Mexican Michelin Star Chef Carlos Gaytan Dares to Believe

This episode is all about food, family and faith! Carlos Gaytan, a former contestant on Bravo TV’s “Top Chef” and owner of Chicago’s Mexique, is the first Mexican chef to earn a Michelin star. He opens up about struggling through adversity to achieve his “American Dream” and using his “superhero apron” to give back to others.

Carlos believes we all have superhero powers to live better and be better for ourselves and others. I hope our discussion inspires you to hunger for your inner strength and hold on to your dreams when challenges seem insurmountable.

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Season 2 Preview: Shining Stars Who Inspire Action, Rising Above Challenges

Welcome back for Season 2, Truth Tribers. This season is filled with more dynamic, truth-telling badasses who will either inspire you to activate your passion or keep pushing through the challenges of your current endeavors to feel more alive – whether it be a passion project or a promise to do more of what you love.

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Episode 6: ‘Hamilton’ Star Ari Afsar Dares to Be a Voice

What I love so much about Ari Afsar, who stars in “Hamilton: An American Musical” as Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton, is she is straight up and honest about her challenges, the perceived failures after not winning “American Idol” (not being emotionally ready for singing in front of millions of people at age 16), and her other hardships that helped prepare her to take on one Broadway’s lead roles.

Also, find out the truth about how she not only found her voice on the big stage, but how she is using her voice to give back through her work with the ACLU and senior citizens.

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Episode 5: Photographer Coco Tran Dares to Turn Her Passion into a Dream Job

What’s stopping you from following the thing that excites you? Coco Tran, one of the most talented photographers I know, used to be one of the many people who was afraid to leap. I hope her fabulous story will help you gain perspective on your dreams and inspire you to take baby steps to achieve the real you!

By day, Coco Tran was a dental hygienist, but at night and on weekends, she dreamed of snapping fabulous pictures. An unexpected layoff from her dental job now has her smiling as she pursues her dream job as a fine arts and wedding photographer.

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Episode 4: Author and Former TV Reporter Michelle Kennedy Dares to Bare Her Soul

Michelle Kennedy’s memoir, “Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit,” is jam-packed with adventure, impassioned moments and life lessons that will have you thinking about your own relationships with yourself and others. Beware, catharsis and self-healing will ensue when you read her book and listen to this emotional conversation.

Episode 4: Author and Former TV Reporter Dares to Bare Her Soul (ft. Michelle Kennedy)

Working as a television news reporter, Michelle Kennedy narrowly avoided being sent to cover the multi-car accident that killed her father. Her emotions, feelings and grief finally surfaced after she left her broadcasting career to romp around the world, heal and learn one of the most important life lessons — self-love. During her trip, she had no choice but to face the truth. She tells it in a hauntingly raw and beautiful way in her book “Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit.” Join her adventure, pause and reflect through this cathartic conversation.

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Episode 3: Broadway Star Salisha Thomas Dares to Tell the Truth

We all have dreams and desires, but how many of us dare to pursue them? Trust me, you’ll think deeply about what excites you after hearing our energy-packed and real conversation with Salisha Thomas, starring in the national tour of the Broadway hit, “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.”

Episode 3: Broadway Star Dares to Tell the Truth (ft. Salisha Thomas)

Salisha Thomas is a Broadway star currently on tour with “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.” Salisha dishes the truth about the WICKED “Aha!” that made her realize she has what it takes to pursue her dream on the big stage.

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Episode 2: Hollywood Producer Barnet Bain Dares to Tell the Truth

Whether you are in the corporate hustle and bustle or an aspiring artist, this conversation with award-winning filmmaker Barnet Bain will inspire you to be better and do better in all aspects of your life. It will also bring you to the only moment that is real — the present moment by doing what he calls “Inner Tuning.”

Episode 2: Hollywood Producer Dares to Tell the Truth (ft. Barnet Bain)

Barnet Bain is an award-winning Hollywood filmmaker who’s worked with Robin Williams and Eckhart Tolle, and is an author and co-host of the podcast “Cutting Edge Consciousness.” Discover more about the true art of being in this soul-stirring conversation.

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The TRUE Power of Storytelling: Daring to Tell My Truth

Today, I’m launching a new podcast talk show titled TruthDare!

The intention: To bring you intimate conversations about people’s truths and daring (you) to be more of YOU! Fun, connecting and healing will unfold.

Episode 1: Toan Dares to Tell the Truth. Will You?

We all have secrets that mask our true selves. Host Toan Lam unveils his truth and his vision for this podcast — to dare to tell the truth, be bold and be authentically you.

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