The TRUE Power of Storytelling: Daring to Tell My Truth

We all have secrets. I know I do. The truth is, when we can share our authentic stories — and not be inhibited by our secrets — we feel free. We feel alive. Here’s a secret I’ve been holding on to since last summer… drum roll please….

Today, I’m launching a new podcast talk show! I’m working with Strawberry Hill Productions, whose client list includes best-selling authors Eckhart Tolle, Michael Bernard Beckwith and Hay House Publishing. The podcast is appropriately named TruthDare.

The intention: To bring you intimate conversations about people’s truths and daring (you) to be more of YOU! Fun, connecting and healing will unfold.

And without further ado, here is Episode 1:

Episode 1: Toan Dares to Tell the Truth. Will You?

We all have secrets that mask our true selves. Host Toan Lam unveils his truth and his vision for this podcast — to dare to tell the truth, be bold and be authentically you.

Why am I doing this?

As I reflect on my path to becoming a TV reporter, cohost of a PBS show, university instructor and motivational speaker — all distant dreams of mine when I was younger — the foundation, the common thread in this fabric of me, has been storytelling.

By storytelling, I don’t mean only me telling stories. So many times, people have pulled me aside, dying to share their stories rooted in their truths. As I listen to their words, I can feel the hairs on my arms perk up. A release of energy emanates from their soul, bringing an ease after divulging their truths to someone. Ultimately, we all want to be seen, heard and loved.

A favorite quote I discovered recently is, “YOU are the only YOU in the world, and that is your superpower.” By sharing your truth, you help unlock your superpower. My 2017 will be dedicated to inspiring as many people as possible to find or at least start the journey of discovering their power.

I know my power is connecting with people and helping them find their true power. Nothing excites me more than sitting down one-on-one with a new friend or old soul. It’s a vibration and heart bond I value most in life. Connecting with others through stories teaches us ways to be better and do better. We gain wisdom. We are changed by this magic. Stories shift our perspectives.

When we first see someone new, they are mere strangers. We often judge based on skin color, appearance or perceived social class. But when we learn each other’s stories, strangers can feel like long-lost friends, rekindled. A veil is lifted. We realize we all have challenges. We learn to be kind. We find our truest selves.

Stories heal. They help overcome anxiety and give us hope.

As a motivational speaker, I love seeing “Aha’s” light up in audience’s eyes. The energy of the room shifts and tears flow when stories spill out from people’s hearts. I know one of life’s truths is we all want to find our truth. Rooted in that truth is fertile ground to discover and grow into our power.

However, daring to tell these truths can carry consequences that hold us back. We all want to make our loved ones proud, but we are afraid of what our truths may reveal. It is scary. But hopefully one day, that fear will be outweighed by the burden of being your authentic you.

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Dare to share your truth with us? Click on the SpeakPipe link on our website and leave an anonymous story or truth about your life. Get it off your chest. We may just share it on our podcast’s Taboo Truth segment!

Trust your truth. We dare you!


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