Episode 4: Author and Former TV Reporter Michelle Kennedy Dares to Bare Her Soul

The best gift you can give someone is the gift of experience, whether it’s through a personal, professional or spiritual partnership.

While that experience may not always be pleasant, I believe everyone you encounter is here to teach you something.

Michelle Kennedy is my soul sister and has walked a journey nearly parallel to mine. We met at the Fox station in Sacramento, Calif., lost our dads around the same time, went through ups and downs at a TV station in San Francisco and of course, dealt with painful relationships with our fathers that affected our relationships with those close to us.

During her stint as a TV reporter in Sacramento, Michelle was nearly sent to cover a multi-car accident that killed her father. This crash was the end of her father’s physical life, but the beginning of a grieving and healing process in her spiritual life that revealed bad habits and patterns in other relationships.

After being laid off from another TV job, Michelle decided to pack her bags and travel around the world for six months. The goal: to unwind and leave her woes behind. Instead, she wound up getting into steamy situations with men, eating and drinking too much and discovering spiritual a-ha’s that taught her the ultimate lessons about self-love.

Michelle Kennedy
Michelle Kennedy

She wrote down her adventures in a diary and turned it into “Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit,” a book jam-packed with adventure, impassioned moments and life lessons that will have you thinking about your own relationships with yourself and others.

Thank you, Michelle, for gifting us with your story and having the courage to release your shame and reveal your truth in a most raw, vulnerable way. Beware, catharsis and self-healing will ensue as it did for me (I cried a couple of times as I marked up her pages with a pen and Post-it notes) when you read her book and listen to this emotional conversation.

Who: Michelle Kennedy, author of “Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit,” university instructor, blogger, mkennedywriter.com

What is her TRUTH?
“I am fine exactly as I am.”

What does she DARE you to do?
To walk through grief and other challenges the best way you can to find the freedom that is waiting for you.

Michelle Kennedy - "Don't Pee in the Wetsuit"
Courtesy: Michelle Kennedy, “Don’t Pee in the Wetsuit”
Michelle Kennedy and Toan Lam
Michelle Kennedy and Toan Lam.

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