Episode 12: Scholly App Creator Christopher Gray Dares You to Be BOLD No Matter Your Challenges

Truth Tribers,

The truth is, the student loan debt crisis is hitting millions of students hard. According to the New York Federal Reserve, students owe more than a whopping $1.3 trillion dollars.

When you hear about Christopher Gray’s remarkable journey to college and how he created the Scholly app to help students get more than $100 million in scholarship money, you will believe with hard work and a dream, anything is possible.

Christopher and his two siblings came from humble beginnings. They were raised by a single mom in Birmingham, Ala.

Even though he couldn’t afford even the college application fees and his family was at one point homeless, he was determined to be the first in his family to go to college.

You may recognize Christopher from “Shark Tank” or Oprah’s SuperSoul 100.

Whether you have college debt or having bigger dreams for yourself, hold on to your pocket books. This episode will help you see the green light.

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Toan’s Takeaways:
1. You have to have determination and don’t take no for an answer. Hack the system in your authentic way. Break the rules and never give up.

2. You give to the world what you get. I believe whatever you give to the world, you get back tenfold. Luck equals opportunity and preparedness.

3. Greatness transcends all stereotypes. You are not your situation or the challenges you’re going through. You will rise if you keep telling your truth.

4. If you’re paying attention to this conversation, there were a lot of full-circle moments. No matter where you are or where you go, when you use your power to help other people, the universe helps you. Christopher is testament to this and boy, did the universe hook him up.

What is his TRUTH?

“I’m a gay black man and I’m proud and happy of that. I believe every struggle I have is not something that is an excuse. It is something that has helped propel me forward. I hope I can use that to help others.”

What does he DARE you to do?

“I dare people to listen to the opinion of others and do what they want to do anyway.”


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